CF Team

On Friday, April 19th, at the Early Education Center, the annual Health Fair and Preschool Registration buzzed with activity. This year, 47 children from birth to age five came through the doors, each leaving with a comprehensive set of screenings that covered everything from hearing and vision to motor skills and oral hygiene. These free checks ensure early detection of any developmental delays, making timely interventions possible, which is crucial for a child's long-term growth and health.

The fair also provided an opportunity for early preschool registration, emphasizing the importance of early education in a child's cognitive and social development. Preschool prepares children not just academically, but also socially, setting a foundation for future success in school and beyond.

Staff members from the district and BOCES, alongside volunteers from community organizations like the Rangely Library and Rangely District Hospital, made the day possible. Their dedication shone through in the smooth running of the event and the fun decorations that made the venue welcoming and festive.

Overall, the day was a success not only for the screenings and registrations but also for a wonderful community gathering that highlighted the shared goal of nurturing the youngest members of the community.