Matt Scoggins

Welcome to the Rangely School District and our website. I'm thrilled that you've taken the time to explore our vibrant community, our outstanding schools, and our unwavering mission. With more than 28 years as a proud resident and going on 11 years as the superintendent, I've witnessed the incredible growth and success of our district. Rangely offers a truly unique quality of life with and for me, a mere two-minute commute, zero stoplights, and the ability to seamlessly balance family life and hobbies.

Beyond these comforts, we are blessed with access to exceptional amenities such as a world-class recreation center, a top-tier hospital, extensive public lands for thrilling 4-wheeling and mountain biking adventures, a thriving community college offering free tuition, a picturesque 9-hole golf course, outstanding fairgrounds, and, most importantly, a tightly-knit and supportive community that places our children and schools at the forefront. Living in this remarkable town is truly a blessing.

Our district is defined by a commitment to excellence and a dedication to nurturing the full potential of every student. Guided by our core values of high expectations, active participation, unwavering safety, collaborative teamwork, steadfast accountability, and the limitless potential of our students, we've built a strong foundation for our educational journey. Each day, we strive to address the unique needs of our students and take significant steps toward realizing our vision.

Our central focus is on "Building Champions in Life."

As I embark on my 11th year as superintendent, my commitment to the success and welfare of our students and community has never been stronger. Together, we will continue to pursue excellence and forge a brighter future for all who call Rangely home. 

Best regards,

Matthew G. Scoggins