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With the anticipated increase in traffic at our schools this year we have made some changes to our bus loops, parking areas, and drop-off and pick-up procedures. At the Early Education Center and Parkview, we are asking parents to line up in their cars to pick up and drop off their children and NOT park and come into the building. We are requesting parents to use the “hug-n-go” stations and traffic patterns as described below to move vehicles quickly and safely through our school zones.
-Vehicles need to pull into the Hug n Go (drop off/pick up).
-Follow the yellow line to the drop-off/pick-up zone indicated by the shaded box.
-Students must remain in the car until it reaches the "drop off zone". Even though stopped do not let your children out until in the drop-off zone. Drivers must remain in their car.
-Students need to have all their belongings with them and be prepared to exit the vehicle quickly.
-Please have children exit on the curbside for their safety.
-No parking in the North lot
-Vehicles need to pull into the Hug n Go (drop off/pick up).
-Follow the yellow line to the drop-off/pick-up zone indicated by the shaded box.
-Once in the zone, your child(ren) will be directed to your car.
-If your child(ren) are not ready to be picked up, you will need to circle around.
-After picking up your child(ren), exit the parking as mapped out above.
Other Important Guidelines
-Complete all cell phone calls/texts before entering the Hug n Go lane.
-Please review our Map of Parking Lot Flow. Follow the directional arrows indicating which way traffic flows in the parking lot.
-Hug n Go Lane is for drop off and pick up only, no parking, remain in your vehicle.
-While waiting in the Hug n Go lane, be sure to move forward filling in all spaces between cars.
-If there is an emergency parent may use the west parking lot. You must park in designated parking spots.
-PLEASE watch for students crossing the streets and parking lot.
There will be staff available to assist with this process both before and after school. The drop-off in the morning should not occur before 7:35 and pick up at the EEC will begin at 3:25 and 3:35 at Parkview.
Parents of students who walk. Please emphasize with your child the importance of staying on the sidewalks and looking both ways when crossing the street. With additional cars dropping off at the school it is important that walkers and drivers are both diligently watching for others.
See maps by clicking the links below.