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Transportation Information

Under current COVID-19 mandates, bus seats must be limited to one student per seat. This means there will be NO in-town route and NO preschool transportation on any route.
If you have a student needing a spot on one of the routes listed below, it is very important to fill out the form below as soon as possible. Seats will be assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis.
We are asking that if you do have a child that would be on the La Mesa Route that you still turn in a form even though at this time, we cannot make any guarantees for that route. This will give us an idea of numbers.
The form return deadline is Monday, August 10, at 5 pm. However, we are asking for forms to be filled out as soon as possible.
There will be an upriver Highway 64 route, including up to Yellow Creek, Shale Drive and County Road 101. A downriver way including County Road 2 and 102, a Dinosaur route, and POSSIBLY a La Mesa. Please see the maps linked below. (E Hwy 64 Route) capacity of bus 24 (W Hwy 64 Dino Route) 2 busses, the capacity of each bus 24 (Downriver route) capacity of bus 14
Student Transportation Rules and Discipline Actions can be found by clicking the link below.
If you have questions, please feel free to email