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Substitute Teachers

Substitute Teaching is a fulfilling job for anyone.  Men and Women alike who are looking for a chance to express their creativity can become a substitute teacher.


Reasons to become a Substitute Teacher:

  • Anyone who is looking to become a future teacher can “preview” the whole teaching field
  • Retired teachers make excellent substitutes
  • It’s a great way to earn a second income
  • It’s great for people looking to train the minds of tomorrow
  • Substitutes can be influential to students
  • Helping others (teachers) is rewarding.
  • Flexible work hours
  • College degree is not required
  • Background check/fingerprinting is required
    How to become a substitute teacher
    Visit the Rangely School District Central Office at 402 W Main to fill out an application,  Background consent form and further instructions for the online fingerprint scheduling and  Educator Licensing Application.