Rio Blanco Public Health Recommendations for 2020 Trick or Treating

● Line up pre-bagged candy along your drive-way / walk-way

● Send the candy through a plastic tube to the kids, helping to ensure social distancing.

● Get creative; make a plan with the neighborhood; be safe.
● Avoid having kids reach into a bucket, etc. to get candy.
● If you are handing out candy, wear your mask and gloves.
● Try to incorporate a face mask as part of the Halloween costume. Avoid wearing both a face mask and a Halloween mask.
● As you are out and about, social distance, wear your mask.
● Follow all previous Halloween safety recommendations; equip kids with glow sticks/flashlights; use reflective tape on costumes, go through candy before letting your kids eat any, etc.

Further information can be found at

If you have any questions, please contact Rio Blanco County Public Health at (970) 878-9525.